What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an entrepreneur specializing in business support services, virtually, allowing other entrepreneurs to attend to the revenue producing activities necessary to their own business.

Virtual assistance is simply administrative support offered online rather than face-to-face. Projects are communicated using available technology such as phone, fax, email, file transfer over the Internet or on a diskette.

You might be surprised by the tasks that a qualified and experienced VA can provide virtually. Your trusted virtual assistant can enter your computer while you’re away at a meeting and update your database or they can receive copies of all your email and respond, on your behalf, to those requiring immediate attention – she can even answer your phone while you’re away from your office. The only thing that a VA can’t do is make your coffee – and even that could be accomplished with today’s technology given some creative thinking!

Small and home-based businesses are in dire need of consistent reliable administrative support while they may not yet be in a position to hire a permanent employee. In order to realize their full potential for success even the smallest businesses will benefit from a permanent partner in their endeavours. A virtual assistant is the solution answer!

Want to Become a VA?

Becoming a VA is serious business. Because it is just that – a business. If you’re not sure that you want the stress and the responsibility of owning your own business then becoming a Virtual Assistant is probably not for you. Download a detailed description of what it takes to be a VA and how to get started. We hope that it offers you a good ‘starting point’ to becoming a VA. If you don’t have an Acrobat reader – download one here.

Click here for a printable version of “So you want to be a VA?”

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