Canada’s best hockey betting sites for 2022

Hockey is a winter sport that enjoys immense popularity in Canada and around the world. The fast-moving, thrilling game of ice hockey has captivated audiences for generations to come!

You can bet on hockey with countless opportunities and ways to turn a profit. In this guide, we’ll provide top-rated betting tips for the most popular sports game in North America: Hockey! What are some of your favourite types? Why not try out our strategy so that you too may win big at gambling responsibly now?

How hockey odds work

How we review the best hockey sites

When you arrive at a hockey sports betting site, there are many ways in which to bet on the games. Depending on what season it is and where your league lies concerning other teams that compete during this period (i..e interconference mix), odds will vary accordingly – but rest assured knowing they’ll always be available! For example, if we’re talking NHL action then expect high-stakes gambling across all 30+ member clubs while Olympic Hockey Betting provides an opportunity for some friendly wagers between Russia/Team Canada just days before they meet off ice.

The first and most important thing to figure out when betting on hockey is how you read odds. While it may seem daunting, especially if this will be your very first time doing so- I’m here for all those newcomers who want an easier way! The basics of understanding what these numbers mean should go without saying: a higher number means a more likely outcome; 2nd choice usually pays off better than 1st selection does (or vice versa), 3rd pick has worse chances at winning whereas 4th would be about average.But wait there’s even MORE???

Odds are, you’re used to odds displayed as American-style Moneyline or British fractionals. Luckily for all your hockey betting needs below is a handy calculator that will help convert any of these formats into proper hockey bet values!

How we review the best hockey sites

Hockey betting apps & mobile options

Bet on your favorite NHL team with ease thanks to today’s high-tech mobile devices. You can place bets anywhere you have an access internet connection, so it doesn’t matter if that’s at home or while travelling! We’ve put together a list of some awesome betting apps for both iPhone users and Android owners alike – check them out below.

Types of hockey betting bonuses

The betting industry is intensely competitive and that’s good news for bettors because sportsbooks need to come up with more alluring offers.

Bonuses are a great way of attracting new business. First, they offer financial upfront which can’t be matched by other forms or marketing tactics – no one’s going to come into your salon without knowing what you’re offering them! Second, these types of incentives often result in customers coming back again and referring to others because their experience was so positive; not only did the bonus make “the trip worthwhile,” but people were happy enough that word eventually got around how good things were inside such places.