Best Love Themed Slots to Play

Love is in the air, not just because of Valentine’s Day. You may have never associated romance with slots, but you’re about to get a romantic treat! The biggest developers have created some games that are all about love – from the very first time we met (or after) until our last breath together or even wherever life takes us next; these online casino offerings will show how much they care by giving players Awards just for Their Loving Customers.

1. Doctor Love

2. Love Potion

NextGen Gaming has created a new slot machine called “Doctor Love” with an attractive Doctor and his nurse, as well as teddy bears.

The game offers 20 paylines and 5 reels, with an impressive list of features.

Landing five of the Wild symbols will pay out up to 5,000 coins or 15k during a bonus round!

What are you waiting for? Get to playing! Can’t get enough of the game and need more adventure-filled time with your loved ones—why not take a break from work or school today?! Check out Doctor Love on Vacation by visiting our website now.

2. Love Potion

2. Love Potion

The Microgaming Love Potions slot will immerse you into a world of fantasy, where masked balls dance across 9 paylines and enable players to win large jackpots!

Play this fun and romantic slot to find a love that will last forever with all-new graphics, sound effects like waterfalls or birds chirping in the distance (to create atmosphere), an abundance of roses, cherubs & other flowers are adorning every inch. Look out also for our wild symbol – it’s worth 10 times your bet!

Bet sizes start at just $0.01 with a total of 20 coins per line available!

3. Starlight Kiss

When you think of traditional slots, what comes to mind? Perhaps an image is forming in your head now- a gambling den with slot machines and bright lights. You might wonder if this qualifies as good old fashion fun! Well, I have great news for those who feel they need more than just luck on their side; many types are available nowadays, such as video poker (which requires skill). But thankfully, we don’t always play bolt action versions here at Starlight Kiss Casino.

The romance will flow in this slot machine, with bonuses that reward you for filling up the meter. You could win prizes depending on how high your Romance Meter is when it reaches its maximum height!

I feel this will be one of the most fun games I’ve ever played! It’s time for us to get started. You’re about ready. All set with your complimentary chips and beverage – let’s do this thing!!!

4. Secret Romance

Secret romance is a Microgaming game with tons of passion.

join the ranks of elite slot machine aficionados with this elegant 5 reel, 15 payline game. Expect an exquisite colour scheme and high-value symbols like a pink perfume bottle or red rose, among others!

Keep your eye out for the Mystery Symbols, which can transform into any random symbol. The wild symbol comes in the form of an icon called “Mystery Romance”, and it’s worth trying to land on this screen since you’ll automatically win combinations across all reels when matching 3 or more identical symbols!

The game has an incredible maximum jackpot of 1.8 million coins, making it our top pick for a loved themed slot!