About Us

Executive Assistance was founded by Elayne Whitfield-Parr in 2000.   As online veterans who have taken our ongoing education seriously, we now offer Online Business Management and Online Marketing Management services.

We are Certified Infusionsoft Marketing Experts.

Over the years Executive Assistance has grown to  a multi-VA business utilizing the skills of VAs from around the world in order to provide seamless full-service assistance to our clients. Technology now enables you to be able to use a Virtual Assistant to get all kinds of administrative and support tasks completed faster and better than ever before. There are many benefits of using a Virtual Assistant, including:

  • Competency in any area – no one individual is good at everything … but your VA has access to different skill sets on demand. So, if you need a PowerPoint created in Chinese, we can deliver. We find the VA best suited to the requirements of your project.
  • Cost Effective – you only pay us when you use us. And there are no extra costs like you would have with a full-time employee – no benefits, office expenses, etc. – and there are never any sick days or vacation times to be concerned with.
  • Save Time – why spend your valuable time on administrative tasks? Spend your time generating revenue and leave the administrative tasks to us. You’ll be more profitable and more organized.
  • Specialization – Real Estate Agent? Lawyer? You have specialized requirements of your assistants. We have VA’s that specialize in certain businesses and can hit the ground running. There’s very little time required to train them on your particular industry.

All of our VA’s are pre-qualified by Executive Assistance to ensure that they meet strict professional requirements. We ensure that they have the capabilities to deliver the absolute best quality work in their respective areas of specialization.

Elayne Whitfield is the co-founder and Director of both the Canadian Association and Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants.

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